How does the hinge door choose?


   1, look at the weight of material weight    Hinge po […]

   1, look at the weight of material weight
   Hinge poor quality, the door with a long time on the easy forward, loose sagging. Large brands of cabinet hardware almost all use cold-rolled steel, a stamping molding, feel thick, smooth surface. Moreover, because the surface coating is thick, so easy to rust, strong and durable, load-bearing ability, and poor quality hinge is generally made of thin iron welding, almost no resilience, with a little longer time will lose flexibility, Not tight, and even cracked. Look: good quality hinge front cover and base are very thick, and forging fine, smooth no burr, high strength. While the poor hinge forging rough, forging thin, poor strength. Dian: the same specifications of the product, if the quality is relatively heavy, indicating that the product density is high, the producers choose the material is relatively strong, the quality is relatively guaranteed.
   2, see whether the brand
   Choose the hardware to pay attention to identify the brand, do not easily believe that the "German brand", "Italian brand", "American brand" and other under the guise of foreign manufacturing. Of the hardware accessories are often in the factory before the performance of the product to do damage testing, load-bearing test, switch test. At present, the market is more popular hardware accessories brand Heidi poetry, blum, Stanley, Salic, Blum, Glass, etc., pick the wardrobe, you can see whether the hinge printed with the corresponding hardware brand logo, to identify.
   3, the hinge spring reset performance.
   Reed also determines the quality of the door opening angle, good quality reed can make the opening angle can change the pressure of multiple angles. You can open the hinge 95 degrees, the hand will be pressed on both sides of the hinge, observe the support spring piece is not deformed, not broken, very strong for the quality of qualified products. Poor life of the poor hinge, and easy to fall off, such as the door, hanging cabinet fell, mostly due to the quality of hinges, however off caused.