Rolling shutter installation method


   Rolling shutter is now a lot of large shopping malls […]

   Rolling shutter is now a lot of large shopping malls or facade need to install a door, easy to shrink, and save space. It is a multi-joint activities of the door piece of piece by piece in parallel.    However, the installation of the shutter doors is difficult to do, want to install their own shutter doors? Here we go to learn how to install the shutter doors with the steps and methods
Rolling shutter installation steps 1: ready to work
1, material: special fixture, scraper, powder bag, impact drill, hand drill, welding machine, cutting machine, screwdriver, hammer, line fall, level and so on.
2, tools: in the column, the cover, scroll, leaves, rails.
Tips: These materials are essential tools, the same can not be less, to be prepared to start a good start.

  Rolling shutter installation step 2: start to install the shutter door
1, to determine the location of the installation of the shutter door, and with wire fall, level and other tools to mark, identify the horizontal and vertical lines.
2, according to the positioning of the rolling line began to install the door frame.
3, according to the rolling door machine instructions prompted by the method steps and precautions to roll the door machine installation.
4, will be assembled well shutter body fixed, and then the stopper to identify the location installed, and try to run.
5, the slide, manual mechanism, the installation of the box.
 Rolling shutter installation steps 3: test results
1, to debug and run, to ensure that each function and equipment running intact.
2, all the installation and inspection is completed, even if the installation of the shutter doors, and then you can use the normal.
 Experience Summary:
1, aluminum alloy parts to carry out a series of protective measures, you can in the above galvanized or coated with some release coating, or it is easy to be oxidized.
2, the shutter door in the assembly of the shutter when the door to ensure that each blade bite accurate, or will affect the installation.
3, in determining the horizontal and vertical lines to be accurate and less error, and in the installation should be installed in accordance with the size of the plan.