Daily maintenance method of sliding door pulley


Sliding doors are mechanical friction mechanisms. Such […]

Sliding doors are mechanical friction mechanisms. Such mechanisms require good lubrication. Otherwise, if things go on like this, the resistance will become larger and larger, and a lot of noise will be generated. Not to mention, it will directly affect the service life of the sliding door pulley, and the slide may also cause failure. To compensate for the damage and scratches, the lubrication of the sliding door pulley is particularly important, which can better reduce the resistance.
There are many techniques for the maintenance of sliding door pulleys. For example, there are many problems that need to be paid attention to in daily use. Don't swing the sliding door too hard to avoid excessive weight in the load. Don't hit the sliding door with gravity or hit the sliding door with a sharp object. It is easy to cause obstacles to use. Once there is a problem with the sliding door pulley, you need to find a special maintenance master to repair it, and do not modify it at will.
When lubricating the sliding door pulley, you must use a special grease. Although the size of the pulley is small, it has a great effect. The pulley of the sliding door is divided into upper and lower wheels. The upper and lower wheels of the brand pulley use needle roller bearings to slide, which is no better than adding lubricating oil. As long as the debris is cleaned regularly, the general sliding door pulley should be dripped with lubricating oil every six months to ensure the smooth sliding of the sliding door.