What are the maintenance methods for the shower room?


Sliding door pulley: Friends who have a shower room at […]

Sliding door pulley: Friends who have a shower room at home should have experienced the failure of the shower room sliding door. Sliding doors are easy to use, but they are prone to failure. The most common one is the failure of the sliding door pulley. You should not know much about the maintenance of the sliding door pulley of the shower room. If you want to repair the sliding door pulley of the shower room by yourself, you may wish to take a look at the following solutions, I believe it can help you.
Maintenance method of sliding door pulley in shower room
1. The sliding door is stuck. Lubricate the roller with penetrating oil to restore it to normal use. Do not delete any fragments of the track, this will also hinder the movement of the door.
2. When the glass door swings, the roller can be adjusted with a stick because it moves along the track to move the sliding door. Mainly look at the rollers near the top and bottom of the door, and then adjust the door in front of the hole or along the edge according to the original design. You need to insert a small Phillips screwdriver into each hole and turn the enlarged roller counterclockwise. If there is a large looseness, use the retracting wheel and turn the screwdriver clockwise. 3. When checking the rollers and replacing damaged or worn parts, first delete the screws of the adjusting holes on the rollers, and try not to separate the door frame and the broken glass rollers.
What are the maintenance methods of the shower room
1. Clean the room. When cleaning the walls and bottom basin of the shower room, wipe them with a soft dry cloth. If there is dirt, use a neutral detergent and scrub with a soft cloth or sponge. In stubborn stains, you need to use alcohol. However, it should be noted that some acidic and alkaline solvents, thinners, cleaning powders and other products should not be used because they will have bad effects.
2. When installing the water tightness, pay attention to whether the water tightness of the shower room and the wall, the door and the door, the shower room and the stone foundation, the bottom basin and the hinge is good. In addition, check the rubber strip and the sealing performance of the rubber strip. If you find that the shower room is leaking, if you have mastered the maintenance knowledge and skills of these shower rooms, you may be able to handle it easily by yourself.
3. In the daily use of the sliding door pulley, avoid the frontal impact on the movable door to prevent the movable door from falling off; pay attention to regularly cleaning the pulley, sliding rail, sliding block, and adding lubricant (lubricating oil or lubricating wax; regular adjustments) The adjusting screw of the slider ensures that the slider effectively bears the weight and slides well.