Damping hinge principle


In mechanophysics, the reduction of the energy of the s […]

In mechanophysics, the reduction of the energy of the system - not all of the damping vibrations are caused by "drag", and mechanical vibrations.
In terms of one is due to friction resistance heat, the system reduces the mechanical energy, into internal energy, this damping is called friction damping; the other is the system caused by the surrounding particle vibration, the system's energy gradually to the surrounding radiation Out, into a wave of energy, this damping is called radiation damping.
Damping mainly in the following five aspects:
1, damping helps to reduce the resonant amplitude of the mechanical structure, so as to avoid damage to the structure due to the vibration stress limit;
2, Damping contribute to the mechanical system is instantaneous impact, quickly returned to a steady state;
3, damping helps to reduce the sound radiation due to mechanical vibration, reduce mechanical noise. Many mechanical components, such as the shell of transport vehicles, saw blade noise, is mainly caused by vibration, the use of damping can effectively suppress the resonance, thereby reducing noise;
4, can improve all types of machine tools, instruments, such as processing accuracy, measurement accuracy and accuracy. All kinds of machines, especially precision machine tools, need high seismic and dynamic stability when working in dynamic environment. Through various damping processes, their dynamic performance can be greatly improved.
Damping helps to reduce the ability of the structure to transmit vibrations. In the mechanical system of vibration isolation structure design, the rational use of damping technology, vibration isolation, damping effect can be significantly improved.