Hydraulic Hinges Introduction


Hydraulic hinge also known as damping hinge, refers to […]

Hydraulic hinge also known as damping hinge, refers to the use of high-density oil to provide a directional flow in a closed container, to achieve the desired buffer effect of a damping noise damping hinge. It relies on a new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. The door is slowly closed at 60 ° to reduce the impact, resulting in a comfortable closing effect. Even if the force to close the door will be gently closed to ensure the perfect exercise, soft.
The application of hydraulic hinge is more and more widely used, because it has the advantages of the general hinge can not have: close the door soft, silent. With it, you will not be scared of scaring the sleeping family when you close the door. Using it will not create complicated noises that interfere with the harmonious home.
However, the quality of buffer hydraulic hinge in the market is uneven and the cost performance is different. Poor quality products are prone to oil spills or hydraulic cylinder bursts and other issues.