Hydraulic hinge installation method


The first step: According to the needs of the cabinet d […]

The first step: According to the needs of the cabinet design, the door is fully covered, half-covered or built-in door, respectively, the choice of hinge is: straight bend, bend or bend;
The second step: According to the thickness of the side plate to determine the edge of the cup hole, the door hit the hinge cup hole, the side plate is 16mm or 18mm usually margin is 5mm;
The third step: the hinge cup into the cup hole in the door, hinge and door edge into 90 degrees, and then 4X16mm self-tapping screws from the two screw holes on the hinge cup with a screwdriver lock;
The fourth step: the door with a locking hinge, move to the cabinet, aligning the side panels, the first good two long holes, the test is up and down alignment? At this point the door can be moved up and down, up to Good location, then a good round hole;
The fifth step: commissioning, first loose a little screw on the hinge, in front of the mobilization of large screws, so as to adjust the hinge cover side of the appropriate degree, and then loose the screws before and after the move can be adjusted to adjust the door and the side of the close Degree
The sixth step: test, through the use of experience to test whether the adjustment is not good, inappropriate, and then through the fifth step instructions for debugging, until the use of qualified.