Drawer slide rail how to install - Installation Precautions


First of all, pay attention to the choice of size, draw […]

First of all, pay attention to the choice of size, drawer slide, the different types of drawers choose naturally is not the same. In the installation, many of my friends refer to drawer slides demolition atlas, in fact, for installation, the first one is the size of the choice, drawer slide in general length and drawer length should be general, if the slide Too short, then the drawer will not reach the maximum opening and closing, if too long, it caused the can not be installed.
Second, from the demolition of the reverse thinking to learn to install, in fact, the drawer slide, the installation is still relatively simple thing, the key is how to dismantle, drawer slides in how the demolition figure set, a more detailed demolition steps, through these Steps can be very good demolition, so that if you want to install, then you can reverse thinking, step by step from the demolition of the restoration back, then you know how to install the drawer slide in the end.
Demolition and installation is equally important, in daily life, for the failure and problems of the drawer, sometimes it is really because the slide rail has failed, so that once the slide rail fails, then the demolition of the Slide, has been replaced with new, so that drawer slide how to demount the album becomes very important, and it step by step guide from what aspects should be removed to grasp some skills.