Design and identification skills of external sun-shading roller shutters


The external sunshade roller shutter can integrate the […]

The external sunshade roller shutter can integrate the functions of heat preservation and heat insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, anti-theft, and intelligent control. It adopts high-plasticity 6063 silicon-magnesium aluminum alloy one-time extrusion molding, the comprehensive performance is far higher than the industrial profile standard, strong and durable, and reduces the weight of the window under the premise of meeting the strength.
The outer sunshade roller shutter window adopts powder coating technology, which has strong weather resistance, rain water, corrosion resistance, humanized design, beautiful appearance, fast operation and no noise, and is equipped with anti-prying, intelligent remote control and other functions, adding a protection to the house barrier. In addition to its shading, sound insulation and noise reduction performance, its personalized design, immunity, resistance to bad weather, and anti-theft performance also have great advantages.
Different from the single mode of anti-theft nets and aluminum alloy windows, the outer sunshade roller shutters separate the protection and decoration functions into one, and are a replacement product for the traditional anti-theft nets. The opening method is flexible, and you can choose manual, electric or remote control. . However, the external sunshade roller blind products on the market are mixed and difficult to distinguish.
First of all, we can identify the quality of external sunshade roller shutters from the brand point of view. A well-known roller shutter brand can upgrade your room. At the same time, the brand is a key guarantee for quality and service. A well-known brand is invisible to your own brand. Value is very concerned, and will try to maintain the brand and protect the interests of customers.
The second is the scientificity and technical content of the external sunshade roller shutter. An unreasonable design of the external sunshade roller shutter will make indoor and outdoor people feel useless and troublesome, and an external sunshade with reasonable design and scientific and technical content reaches the standard. Roller blinds will make users handy, and enjoy its energy-saving, thermal insulation, sound insulation and noise prevention functions, and the scientific and technical content of the outer sunshade roller blind is closely related to its failure rate.