The basic technical requirements of various roller shutter accessories


Roller shutter windows are mainly composed of roller sh […]

Roller shutter windows are mainly composed of roller shutter bundles, shafts, guide rails and other parts, so these are roller shutter window accessories, and each part of them also has some basic technical requirements. Due to the long-term exposure of external sun-shading roller shutters, the materials of each roller shutter window fittings have certain anti-corrosion and weathering functions.
In the structural design, it is necessary to ensure that the blades and profiles of the roller shutter plate forming the roller shutter window accessories cannot be moved in series, so as to ensure the normal function of the roller shutter device. When the roller shutter window is completely closed, the blades of the roller shutter window accessories must be well sealed without light leakage; when the roller shutter window is not completely closed, the small holes between the leaves must be exposed to allow good light transmission.
When using the pull-tape drive, ensure that the pull-out reel and the pull-out direction of the pull-tape are in the same plane. No sharp corners are allowed in the pull-tape guide device of the roller shutter accessories. The pull-tape must be a flat woven fabric, with reinforced edges and wide bandwidth. It cannot be too small. When a manual drive device without a crank device is used, the pulling force on the strap cannot exceed a certain limit.
In short, all the roller shutter accessories including the joints must be strong and durable, and can withstand a certain twist under certain wind or other external forces. Roller shutter window accessories like fabrics mainly include glass fiber polymer composite materials and polyester dimensional molecular composite materials. The glass fiber fabric has excellent dimensional stability, has a small deformation coefficient after temperature changes and stress, and has a strong tensile strength, a high fire rating, and a long service life.
The structure of sun-shading fabrics is mainly divided into straight and twilled patterns. The color of sun-shading fabrics must not only meet the needs of architectural decoration, but also pay attention to the reflection performance of sunlight. In the long-term sunlight environment, the color fastness of the fabric of the roller shutter window accessories needs to reach a certain standard to prevent the fabric from fading. In addition, outdoor sunshade products must have a self-cleaning function.