The efficacy and application advantages of aluminum alloy shutter windows


Aluminum alloy roller shutters have a beautiful and sim […]

Aluminum alloy roller shutters have a beautiful and simple appearance, which is suitable for office and home window shading, especially for large-area glass curtain wall roller shutters. When the aluminum alloy shutter window is put down, it can soften the indoor light, avoid direct sunlight, and achieve a good shading effect; when the shutter is raised, its volume is very small, so that it is not easy to be noticed.

Aluminum alloy roller shutters have better resistance to wind, rain, snow, hail and ultraviolet radiation; it can make the room very comfortable and pleasant throughout the year. Aluminum alloy roller shutters can also effectively protect furniture and floors from fading and aging due to sunlight, and it can also protect wooden windows from sunlight.

Aluminum alloy rolling shutters have the effect of diaphragm response, mainly because the material of aluminum alloy rolling shutters is filled with a non-fluorine insulating foam, so it can significantly reduce noise. Whether in the day or at night, it can create a quiet and easy-to-rest environment.

Compared with the concealed installation of the entire package on the upper part of the glass, the exposed installation of aluminum alloy roller shutters can save more primary energy, mainly because there is no heat between the exposed aluminum alloy roller shutters and the interior of the building. bridge. There is also an air cushion formed by insulating air between the glass and the shutter panel. The thermal insulation performance of a thermal insulation glass window can be effectively increased to about 20% after using the exposed roller shutter window.

Aluminum alloy shutter windows have the effect of energy saving and heat preservation. The polyurethane foam material and high-strength pvc curtains are filled between the double-layer aluminum alloys, which can effectively save 30% of the heating costs, and at the same time, it can also reduce the sunlight radiation, whether it is in the hot summer Even with the severe cold sky, it can ensure that the temperature difference between indoor and outdoor buildings is increased to 4 degrees Celsius.