Reasons for using external sunshade roller blinds for sunshade


Increase the temperature of the sunshade material, make […]

Increase the temperature of the sunshade material, make the window hot, the temperature of the air between the inner sunshade and the window also rises continuously, and the air layer between the two does not exist. At this time, the only heat entering the outer window is The part of the solar radiation energy absorbed by the roller shutters can only block part of the solar radiation.
Because the outer sunshade roller shutters are installed outside the house, the constantly flowing air above can take away the heat at any time: There are three main wavelengths of sunlight, the temperature of the windows is rising, the sunshade shutters and other forms, it can block the sun in time Outside the windows, the three major heat sources, visible light and ultraviolet rays that heat up the room, and the heat is taken away by the flowing air between the external shading facilities and the windows.
The sunshade roller shutters are divided into "outer sunshade" and "inner sunshade" according to the sunshade installation position. The built-in sunshade and the outer sunshade roller shutter windows are very different, especially the high-energy ultraviolet radiation. The external sun-shading roller shutter is an effective sun-shading measure, which can increase the temperature of the entire house, and even your windows cannot be exposed to light. They can be shielded before the solar radiation reaches your windows, and heat will not have a chance to enter your indoor.
The energy-saving effect of outer sunshade roller blinds is much better than that of inner sunshades, venetian blinds and Roman blinds, making your room as cool as under the shade of a tree. Visible light and ultraviolet rays increase the temperature of the shading materials because the sun shines on the infrared rays of the window. Heat the glass and apply to windows in all directions.
Therefore, many houses now choose to install external sun-shading roller shutters, which will help create a good living environment for users, reduce the impact of summer sunlight and ultraviolet rays on indoor furniture and personnel, and also effectively reduce the indoor temperature.