Drawer slide how to install


Installation steps 1. First determine what kind of draw […]

Installation steps
1. First determine what kind of drawer slide, the general is the use of three hidden slide, according to certain data, determine your drawer length, and the counter depth, to select the appropriate size installed in the drawer.
2. Second, re-assembly drawer of the five board, screw on the screw, drawer panel with card slot, after processing, the drawer on the installed drawer, so adjust the nail holes match, then the locking nails Push in the lock drawer and slide.
3 .Finally, install the cabinet, you need to screw the plastic hole on the side panel of the cabinet first, then install the track removed from the above, a slide using two small screws one after the other to be fixed. Both sides of the cabinet should be installed and fixed.
After the drawer rail is installed, align the end of the movable rail (inner rail) on both sides of the drawer side plate with the end of the fixed rail (middle rail), then gently push in to hear the soft As soon as the card is clicked, it means that the movable rail and the fixed rail have been linked, and the drawer can be pushed and pulled easily.