Features and selection of hydraulic hinge


Hydraulic hinge, also known as damping hinge, is a kind […]

Hydraulic hinge, also known as damping hinge, is a kind of hinge. This kind of hinge is mainly used for the door connection of wardrobes, bookcases, floor cabinets, TV cabinets, cabinets, wine cabinets, storage cabinets and other furniture. Its biggest feature is :
1. Good safety: not easy to pinch and hurt people
2. The door closes softly: The hinge utilizes the cushioning properties of liquid, and it relies on a brand-new technology to adapt to the closing speed of the door. The door slowly closes by itself at 60° to reduce the impact force and form a comfortable effect when closing. Even if you use force to close the door, it will close gently, ensuring perfect movement and quietness.
3. Long life: The number of opening and closing can reach more than 50,000 times, and it can withstand destructive pressure without losing air or leaking oil. Even if it is used for a long time, it does not need to be maintained.
It is the best choice if you want to keep the warm and comfortable atmosphere at home from being broken!
However, it is worth noting that after using it, many consumers say that the hydraulic function will soon disappear. The price of the cushion hydraulic hinge is several times more expensive. It took less than a few months to use it and it is no different from ordinary hinges. , It’s very sad. In fact, it’s not that hydraulic hinges are bad, but that there are too many inferior products on the market. Here, I will teach you a few ways to identify inferior products.
1. Appearance, the products produced by mature craftsmanship will pay more attention to the appearance, and the lines and surfaces will be treated better. Except for general scratches, there are no deep digging marks. This is Technical advantages of powerful manufacturers.
2. Screws: Generally, the hinge comes with two screws. Use a screwdriver to adjust the upper and lower adjustment screws three to four times with a little strength, then remove the screws to see if the teeth of the hinge arm are damaged, because the hinge arm is made of iron. The molded product is not as hard as the screw, and it is easy to wear. If the precision is not enough during the factory tapping, it is easy to slip or cannot be screwed. The front and rear adjustment screws are also tested like these.
3. Anti-rust, its anti-rust ability can be seen by salt spray test. Generally, rust will rarely appear after 48 hours.
4. The speed of closing the door is uniform. Pay close attention to whether the buffer hydraulic hinge opens and closes. If there is a strange sound or the speed difference is too large, pay attention to the different selection of hydraulic cylinders.