How to do a good job in the maintenance of cabinet hinges?


Hinges are widely used in furniture. High-frequency clo […]

Hinges are widely used in furniture. High-frequency closing and opening can easily shorten the life of the hinges. If they are used in kitchen cabinets, they are often exposed to water, salt, vinegar and other substances, and the hinges are more likely to be damaged. Over time, the screws or hinges will break, and even the entire cabinet door will fall off. Therefore, it is very important to take appropriate measures to maintain the hinges. The following editor will introduce several hinge maintenance methods:
1. Wipe gently with a dry soft cloth. Do not clean with chemical cleaners or acidic liquids. If you find that there are black spots on the surface that are difficult to remove, you can wipe it with a little kerosene;
2. Lubricating oil can be added for maintenance every 2-3 months to ensure smooth and silent pulleys.
3. Keep it dry and avoid the hinges and other hardware in the humid air;
4. When the hinges are found to be loose or the door panels are not aligned, they should be tightened or adjusted immediately with tools;
5. Avoid contact between hinges and condiments such as salt, sugar, soy sauce, vinegar, etc. If you accidentally touch them, wipe them off with a dry cloth immediately;
6. When opening and closing the cabinet door, avoid excessive force to prevent the hinge from being violently hit and damaging the electroplating layer;
7. Prevent heavy objects and sharp objects from hitting and scratching.
8. Avoid violently pulling during transportation to damage the hardware at the furniture joints.
9. Try not to leave the cabinet door open for a long time.