Hardware maintenance


Common sense: 1. For long-term use of hinges and other […]

Common sense:
1. For long-term use of hinges and other hardware accessories due to the adhesion of dust will reduce performance, so do a good job of cleaning dust, drop one or two drops of lubricant every six months, to maintain lubrication.
2. Doors and windows should be checked regularly, and the hardware accessories that are frequently active are found to be loose. If you find that there is looseness, you should tighten it immediately and do not delay. Maybe your delay in the next second will make you regret your life.
3. Check the doors and windows that are not used frequently. If you do not use the wind for a long time, the hardware will rust or rust, causing dangers.
1. Use the hand to avoid the use of dead force, to use appropriate force to prevent damage to the handle and other hardware accessories, but also to avoid hand injuries (twist, bump)
2. Do not hang heavy objects on the handle or the child hangs on the door handle to shake and play, not only dangerous but also affect the structure of the door and window.
3. Do not open the door lock with wet hands or splash corrosive solvents on the facade and the door lock.