What is the mother-in-law hinge


The mother-in-law hinge is usually made of stainless st […]

The mother-in-law hinge is usually made of stainless steel, iron, and copper. The main body includes a hinge piece and a hinge shaft. The main feature is that the hinge piece is divided into a sub-page and a mother page, and the sub-page and the mother page are loaded. On the hinge shaft and forming a hinge connection, all in the same tangential direction of the hinge axis, the sub-page shape is like a part of the mother page 'empty\', the sub-page can be rotated 360° around the central axis, and can be embedded Fit into the parent page to form a complete page. There are holes on the sub-page and the mother page, and the door leaf and the door frame can be fixed by the installation screws, and the normal opening and closing and closing effect can be achieved. The sub-mother hinge is centered in the door frame, deep and shallow, and is suitable for installation. It does not need to remove the hinged part of the door leaf (slotted) like the hinged hinge. The gap between the door frame and the door leaf is reasonable, and the overall aesthetic effect is not damaged. Installation is quick and convenient. The price of the parent-child hinge is only 3/5 of the ordinary hinge. Due to the above characteristics, it is more and more popular with consumers.