What is the installation method for the sliding window pulley?


Method of operation Different types of plastic-steel wi […]

Method of operation
Different types of plastic-steel windows differ slightly in the specific construction of the installation, but the basic installation procedures are roughly the same.
1, pay off
The window frame is generally a rear plug, and the size of the opening is left according to the design during construction of the structure. The size of the sash processing should be slightly smaller than the size of the opening, and the gap between the sash and the structure should be determined according to different decorative materials. If the inner and outer walls are plastered, the thickness of the plaster layer is generally about 2 cm, so the actual outer edge size of the window frame is less than 2 cm on each side. If the finishing layer is a kind of plate such as marble or granite, the thickness of the inlay structure is generally about 5 cm, so the outer edge size of the window frame should be about 5 cm smaller than each side of the hole size. In summary, the finish layer is perpendicular to the door and window frame, and the intersection should be the finish layer that exactly matches the edge of the window frame, without the finish layer covering the window frame.
Pay attention to the following points when releasing the line:
(1) The windows of the same façade should be aligned in the horizontal and vertical directions. To do this, first check the deviation of the reserved hole. For parts with large dimensional deviations, proper measures should be taken for disposal.
(2) The position line of the pop-up window at the hole. The window can stand on the centerline of the wall, or the window can be placed on the inside to make the surface of the window frame flush with the finish. However, in practical projects, it is more common to use the window to stand at the centerline of the hole. This is because it is convenient for the closing of the interior decoration, especially when there is an inner window sill.
2, fixed window frame
According to the position of the elastic line, the temporary wooden wedge of the window frame is first fixed. After the vertical, left and right gaps, upper and lower positions of the façade are checked, the galvanized anchoring plate is fixed on the structure by the nail. The galvanized anchoring plate is a fixed joint of the plastic steel window frame, and its thickness is 1.5mm, and the length can be processed as needed. One end of the anchoring plate is fixed on the outer side of the window frame, and the other end is fixed to the base body by a nail gun. The anchoring plate should be fixed and not loose. The spacing of the anchor plates should be no more than 50mm.
The bright border of the plastic steel casement window is mostly taken directly from the window frame, so the upper bright frame and the window frame are the same frame material, but a piece of I-shaped material is added at about 1 m above the entire window frame, which constitutes the upper frame. The bright lower frame and the upper sash of the lower casement window. The connection between the wall and the window frame is mostly 450 butt joints at four corners, two holes are drilled on each side, and fixed by self-tapping screws.
There are two fastening grooves on the upper slide of the sliding window. According to the hole distance and the height of the side, the hole is drilled at the upper joint of the window frame, and the hole diameter is about 5mm. Then place the special touch pad in the slot of the edge seal frame, use the M4×35mm self-tapping screw to pass through the hole punched in the edge seal and the hole on the bump pad, and screw into the fastening groove on the upper slide. In the hole, while tightening the screw, pay attention to the alignment of the upper slide and the edge seal, and the notches are aligned. Thereafter, a nylon top is placed in the side seal frame. Install the glide path in the same way, except that the fastening groove should be under the slide, and the slide rail is opposite to the vertical line of the upper slide.

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