Hinge is the top priority of cabinet hardware


Cabinet hardware accessories mainly include rubber chai […]

Cabinet hardware accessories mainly include rubber chains, drawer rails, pull blues, handles, sinks, faucets, etc. Hardware such as rubber chains, drawer rails, pull baskets, sinks, and faucets are functional, which means that it is more practical than decorative, while the handle is decorative.  
In the humid and smoky environment of the kitchen, good hardware accessories should be able to withstand the test of corrosion, rust and damage. Among them, the hinge has to withstand the test of time. It must not only open and close the cabinet door, but also bear the weight of the door alone. It can be said that it is the most important hardware in the kitchen.   
In the process of frequent opening and closing of cabinet doors, the best test is probably a hinge. The cabinet and the door must not only be connected and accurate, but also the weight of the storage cabinet door must be tens of thousands of times. For many international and domestic brands of door hinges, the number of experimental opening and closing times ranges from 20,000 to 1 million. It is difficult to undertake this important task if it is not for steel and iron products with perfect flexibility.   
In addition, as far as the hinge material is concerned, most hinges are now made of cold-rolled steel. Good hinges are basically stamped and formed at one time, and have one to several layers of plating to ensure a smooth and thick feel that is not easy to be attached to moisture in the kitchen and not easy to be corroded.