How to choose and install hinges and hinges


How to choose a hinge hinge? 1 Look at the amount of ma […]

How to choose a hinge hinge?
1 Look at the amount of material
The quality of the hinge is poor, and the cabinet door will simply be leaned forward and closed after being used for a long time. Almost all major brands of cabinet hardware are made of cold-rolled steel, which is stamped and formed at one time, with a solid feel and smooth appearance. Moreover, because of the thick coating on the surface, it is not easy to rust, it is strong and durable, and even cracks.
2 View the details The details can tell whether the product is good, and then confess whether the quality is good. The hardware used by the excellent wardrobe hardware has a solid feel and smooth appearance, and even achieves a silent effect in planning. Inferior hardware is usually made of cheap metals such as thin iron sheets, and the cabinet doors are stretched jerky and even have sharp movements.
How to install the hinge?
1. First use the equipment measuring board or carpenter's pencil to mark and locate (the drilling margin is usually 5 mm), and then drill a 35 mm reaming cup device hole on the door panel with a pistol drill or a carpenter hole opener. The drilling depth is usually 12 mm;
2. Put the hinge sleeve into the hinge cup hole on the entry plate and fix the hinge cup with self-tapping screws;
Precautions for plastic steel door hinge equipment
The equipment surface of the plastic-steel door hinge must be painted or otherwise finished after the equipment; if the equipment must be removed or knocked on the external surface, the removal, storage, and restoration operations must be organized; if the finishing maintenance is required, press Rule processing.