How to choose a hinge(2)


1. Hinge production process Like some hinge manufacture […]

1. Hinge production process
Like some hinge manufacturers, from the base of the hinge, to the hinge bridge body, and the link parts, they are all fully automated production, and of course the quality will be more assured. And if the hinged iron cups are fully automatic production and one-time molding, a set of fully automatic molds will cost nearly 200,000 yuan. The manufacturer must have a certain scale, otherwise it will be difficult to bear the high mold cost. And talent reserve costs. Generally, the inspection standards of such manufacturers are also very strict, and defective hinges are not allowed to enter the market. However, some other hinge manufacturers only need to make a hinge and assemble it without checking whether the quality is feasible. All the finished products enter the market. This is one of the factors that cause the huge price gap between hinges.
2. Hinge production materials
The material used for hinges is generally Q195 for fully automatic production, and the fully automatic production parts generally have a shear interface, which is known to the insiders at a glance. However, if other hinge manufacturers use scraps for production, the poorer materials will be rolled with oil drums and used, and the better ones are electrolytic plates. Fully automatic production uses first-hand materials from the manufacturer, and it is difficult to guarantee the thickness of all materials in the production of side materials, even some of the materials are galvanized sheets, some are cold sheets, some are oil drum materials, etc. The price is relatively speaking It's much cheaper. Therefore, this will cause a big difference in the price of the hinge.
3. Hinge surface treatment
The price of hinge surface treatment varies greatly. Generally, the better hinge treatment is to plate copper and then nickel, but it also depends on the quality of the electroplating manufacturer. Although some electroplating manufacturers also use this process, the electroplating materials used are all For second-hand inferior materials, the electroplating effect is not as good as direct nickel plating. Some inferior hinge manufacturers' new hinges have rusted before they are unpacked.
Fourth, the quality of hinge accessories
The heat treatment of hinge accessories such as barbecued pork, chain rods, screws, etc. is one of the important factors for the quality of hinges. Customers can’t distinguish whether they are heat treated or not. Whether the opening and closing tests can reach more than 50,000 times is mostly due to this. Item data. The fact is that the opening and closing tests of the lowest price hinges generally have problems of one kind or another within 8,000 times. This is also one of the factors that can cause price differences. The temperature control of heat treatment is not easily obtained by emerging hinge manufacturers.
For the fundamental analysis of the problem of price disparity, buyers should make their own supplier selection based on their own quality positioning.