Simulation analysis of hinge spring based on Matlab and Adams


Aiming at the problems of long development cycle of aut […]

Aiming at the problems of long development cycle of automobile opening and closing parts and insufficient precision of motion analysis, the kinematics equations of the hinge of a car's debris box were established through Matlab, and the motion curve of the spring in the hinge mechanism was solved. At the same time, the mechanical system dynamics software Adams was used to establish the mechanism motion model, and the dynamic characteristics such as the operating force and displacement of the debris box in the design stage were simulated and analyzed, which verified that the two analysis methods have good consistency. This improves the efficiency of the solution and also provides a theoretical basis for the optimal design of the hinge mechanism.
With the rapid development of the automobile industry and computer technology, customers have higher and higher demands for personalized customization of products. While satisfying the basic appearance and functions, automobile design also shows a variety of research trends. In the European Auto Show, automobile opening and closing parts widely adopted a six-link hinge mechanism. In addition to beautiful appearance and convenient sealing, the hinge can also be changed by changing the length of each link, the position of the hinge point, and the spring coefficient. Realize the control of the kinematics characteristics of the mechanism.

Mechanism kinematics mainly studies the relative movement between objects, that is, the relationship between displacement, velocity and acceleration over time. Because traditional mechanism kinematics and dynamics analysis can give analytic expressions for complex mechanical movements, especially the movement of automobile opening and closing parts, it is difficult to quickly calculate accurate results that meet the requirements of engineering design.

Aiming at the hinge model of the debris box of a certain vehicle model, the motion curve of the hinge spring is solved in Matlab by simulating and calculating the movement of the human hand opening and closing the debris box. At the same time, the virtual prototype technology is used to establish a geometric model in Adams, and various kinematic parameters are set for simulation analysis and verification, so as to improve the efficiency of the solution and shorten the product development cycle.

The sundries box inside the car cab mostly uses a hinged opening mechanism, which is composed of two springs and multiple connecting rods. Its structure is simple in design. Once the rotation point and the length of the connecting rod are determined, the box cover will open at any angle The positions below are all unique. The design requirements of the hinge linkage mechanism mainly include:

(1) Due to styling restrictions, the initial position of the box cover and the matching relationship between the panel meet the design requirements.

(2) The opening angle must be convenient for the occupants in the car to pick and place items, and cannot interfere with other structures.

(3) The opening and closing operation of the sundries box is easy, and the lid can be reliably locked when the lid is at the maximum opening angle position.