Causes of abnormal noise of anti-theft door hinges and solutions


The anti-theft door hinge is a component that connects […]

The anti-theft door hinge is a component that connects the door and the door frame to each other. It mainly supports the door body and has a certain anti-theft function. Anti-theft door hinges generally adopt built-in and external hinges. External hinges are suitable for internal opening doors, and internal hinges are suitable for external opening doors. If the hinge is made of steel plate, its closed side must be welded. So what are the reasons for the abnormal noise of the anti-theft door hinge? How to solve it?
Reasons for abnormal noise of anti-theft door hinges:
Hinge noise may be caused by humid air or dust entering the hinge box of the anti-theft door, causing the hinge and hinge pin to rub against and produce noise.
Improper adjustment of the hinge screws and the hinge pins are not on the same axis.
The hinge fixing screws are not tightened, and the hinges are offset by different axes under the action of gravity during use.
Solution to abnormal noise of anti-theft door hinge:
Adjust the hinge screws so that the hinge pins are on the same axis (for example, the two screws of the middle hinge of the door frame are properly loosened).
Inject liquid lubricating oil or butter on the hinge pins of the anti-theft door products. Do not use natural or vegetable oils (such as lard, soybean oil, etc.).