Overview of hinge non-standard automation equipment


Hinge non-standard automation equipment is customized a […]

Hinge non-standard automation equipment is customized according to the hinge production and processing sequence, non-market circulation automation system integration equipment, is a unit equipment assembly, development, design and manufacturing equipment manufactured in accordance with the unified industry standards and specifications promulgated by the country.
Hinge non-standard automation equipment, generally includes a frame and a mold circulation mechanism, feeding mechanism and assembly mechanism set on the frame. The mold cycle mechanism includes a processing cycle part, a mold return cycle part, a processing cycle cylinder and a mold return cycle cylinder; the feeding mechanism is set at the beginning of the processing cycle part and used to feed the mold in the processing cycle part. The assembly mechanism includes the machining cycle along the The shell finishing components for placing and arranging the position of the shell, the plum blossom fitting assembly for assembling the plum blossom parts, the shell assembly assembly for assembling the shells, the shell assembly assembly for assembling the shells and the assembly Pin assembly components for pins.

The current situation of hinge industry processing. With the increasingly close global economic and trade exchanges, intensified economic competition and opportunities brought by globalization, small and medium-sized hinge companies are facing fierce international market competition and the integration brought about by globalization. Opportunities and Challenges. So far, many small and medium-sized hinge companies, with outdated infrastructure and lack of technical standards, are still using manual processing or manual assembly lines for processing. As a result, hinge companies are weak in adapting to the market, and it is difficult to combine production and market needs.
The hinge industry can bring considerable economic benefits. According to the customs information network, China's hinge export volume reached approximately US$1.55 billion in 2017, and China's hinge export volume reached approximately US$2 billion in 2018. As a daily hardware product, hinges are widely used in domestic and foreign markets. Take China's hinge export volume as an example, the export value in the past two years has been very considerable. Therefore, if we can continue to develop the hinge market, whether it is domestic or foreign, it will bring considerable economic benefits to the hinge industry.
Innovative scheme design of hinge non-standard automation device
Before designing, you should conduct sufficient research and consult relevant experts and teachers
Team members should clarify their mechanical design ideas, and according to their professional knowledge and practical experience, use electric sliding tables, cylinders, various motors and other driving units and sensing components, as well as electric turntables, belt conveyors, handling robots and other materials to transport materials The mechanical device is equipped with clamping jaws, vacuum suction cups, push rods and other executive components, and is supplemented by a flexible program automatic control unit, which replaces the corresponding labor in the original production process, and carries out the design of relatively simple and fast automatic assembly equipment. And adopt the accessories produced by many manufacturers: such as waist shells, plum blossoms, bullets, pins, shrapnels, iron buckets, and hinge feet for dimensional error comparison, insisting that products of the same series can be assembled automatically, reducing design The repeatability. While ensuring that the product uses automated assembly functions, it is also necessary to ensure the safe, beautiful and convenient use of automated assembly equipment. In the later operation, it is convenient for technicians to repair when a failure occurs.
Domestic hinge non-standard automation research has a lack of reference theories, and hinge products are more diversified. If you encounter problems, you should discuss and learn with experienced university professors and business experts in time, and actively listen to the opinions of experts. When encountering some difficult-to-solve problems, record some problems in detail, and promptly consult with experts and teachers, and actively seek solutions. In this process, the practicability and aesthetics of the equipment are improved, the design details are continuously optimized, and the mechanical quality is improved.
CAD, Solidworks modern drawing software should be used in the design process
The development of modern technology has not allowed manual drawing as in the past, which is time-consuming and inaccurate. Therefore, modern drawing software such as CAD and Solidworks must be used. The use of CAD has the characteristics of convenient use and many functions, and can be operated on different operating platforms. In the design process, the difficulty of the staff is reduced, the neatness of the drawing surface is improved, the workload of drawing is reduced, the graphics and the data are fully connected, the design time is reduced, and the design efficiency is improved. It is also convenient for the commonly used parts to be grouped together in the drawing process to build a part library for future use. Use SolidWorks with complete product design functions to provide a complete set of mechanical design, as well as verification, motion simulation, data management, and automatically update the 3D model, each view, and assembly as the 3D model is modified, and automatically generate engineering drawings, including views and dimensions And labeling. The alternate position display view can easily display the different positions of the components in order to understand the sequence of movement.
Choose reasonable design materials when assembling
In the process of design research, the selection of reasonable materials can ensure product quality. Non-standard automation equipment requires high balance and coordination of the equipment. Therefore, the team should select parts according to the working conditions of the hinge assembly equipment. Different materials, such as seismic performance, high temperature resistance, etc., under the premise of ensuring the quality of parts, reduce costs, and then automated design research.
Matters needing attention in the design of hinge non-standard assembly device
Two-stage force hinge assembly process
The design and research are independently designed based on the uniqueness of hinge processing. It is used for non-general equipment in the automatic production of hinges. There is no specific model to refer to. You need to be familiar with electric sliding tables, cylinders, various motors and other drive units, electric turntables, Belt conveyors, handling manipulators and other mechanical devices that convey materials, execute components, and are supplemented by flexible program automatic control units. At the same time, they must have the role of mold, shell, spring assembly, pin assembly group and other parts and processing. Very good grasp, and need to carry out a reasonable order for assembly etc.
Design and drawing of key parts drawings and search for suitable quality materials
Most of the parts used in the research project are non-standard parts and require special processing. Therefore, team members should use relevant drawing technology to draw the parts of the relevant key parts, taking into account the role of the parts of the part, while ensuring the operation of non-standard automation equipment. Most of the parts used in the project are non-standard parts. For the balance and coordination of the equipment, it is necessary to select relevant materials for reform, innovation and modulation to avoid the barrel effect in the design process, so that the two-stage hinge is a non-standard automation equipment. The function has a reliable guarantee. And it is necessary to consider the service life, heat resistance, shock resistance and load capacity of the parts, so as to select accurate parts to ensure its normal operation.
Mechanical operability and wear resistance
In the process of designing the equipment, it is necessary to fully consider the needs of production, to ensure that the designed equipment is closely integrated with the needs of production, and to do a good job according to factors such as the use and operation habits of the workers. Full consideration should be given to ensure that enterprise workers can quickly become familiar with the use process of the equipment, so as to operate the equipment safely. The design process must be put into practice to test, eliminate some problems that may arise, continue to expand their own design ideas, innovate design ideas, and ensure that the design can have a certain degree of operability. Strengthen communication and communication with equipment operators, resolve conflicts between theory and practice, and avoid situations where equipment does not match actual production conditions.
The design and research of equipment involves many disciplines
The equipment needs to design a mechanical mechanism, and at the same time need to be involved in theories such as air pressure control and circuit design, and design and layout the circuit on the basis of the mechanical structure, but the lack of relevant theories and practical application experience needs to be obtained through practice The operating conditions of all parts, and achieve the coordinated and stable operation of the machinery.
The practical significance of hinge non-standard automation device
Independent special design according to hinge processing procedure
Two-stage hinge non-standard automatic assembly equipment is based on traditional mechanical manufacturing technology, using electric sliding tables, cylinders, various motors and other drive units and sensing components, as well as electric turntables, belt conveyors, handling manipulators and other mechanical devices that convey materials. Equipped with clamping jaws, vacuum suction cups, push rods and other executive components, and supplemented by a flexible program automatic control unit, it replaces the corresponding manual actions in the original production process, increases productivity, reduces labor intensity, and greatly improves labor production efficiency .
Improve production efficiency and production quality of hinge enterprises
With the decrease of the new labor force in recent years and the improvement of people's living standards, labor is no longer a cheap resource, and it has become more and more common to find a job. In order to meet the needs of hinge production, hinge automation production has gradually been adopted by business owners. Recognize and value. The production design and research of two-stage automatic hinges will change the previous production methods, improve production efficiency and production quality, and can maximize the repetitive consistency of products, increase risk resistance, and reduce production costs.
The use of non-standard automation equipment for the two-stage hinge is air as the power source, which is in line with the country's sustainable development strategy of "low energy consumption, green and environmental protection", and is conducive to enterprises to realize their own value and create new development space.
With strong mechanical flexibility and environmental adaptability
The hinge non-standard automatic assembly equipment has the mechanical flexibility of non-standard automation. It can change some of the mechanical devices and change the production line according to the type of hinge, so that the machine can process different hinges as the product changes. It has a strong adaptability to changes in the external environment. ability. Even with the deepening of technology, you can have the ability to process other metal parts.
Meet the requirements of intelligent manufacturing in the machinery manufacturing industry
At present, all walks of life in our society are actively using intelligent automation technology to invest in production and operation activities, especially in the machinery manufacturing industry, which is particularly important for the application of automation technology. With the continuous development of society, the requirements of the hinge industry are getting higher and higher, leading to the gradual increase in the mechanical requirements of the corresponding hinge processing industry. Not only the corresponding scale continues to expand, but also the high performance requirements in many aspects are shown. Therefore, it is necessary for hinge automation processing equipment to show stronger innovation and optimization effects and be able to combine with current new technology and technology. The innovation and improvement of hinge non-standard automation equipment makes the operation of machinery more convenient and efficient, meets the current higher and higher requirements, and can enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises.
in conclusion
Nowadays, hinge companies are suffering from transformation and upgrading. With the transformation and upgrading of the traditional metal processing industry, the hinge processing industry has a stronger demand for this. By replacing the work of most people with device design, reducing work labor and improving work efficiency, the company is urged to shift from a rough type to an intensive enterprise, greatly shortening the production cycle, saving production costs, increasing productivity, and accelerating capital turnover. The problem of poor quality stability caused by manual operation can be reduced. With the development of science and technology, the progress of industry, the rapid improvement of automation level, and the wider application of computer technology in industrial production, automated machinery has made it possible to realize the production design and research of non-standard automated assembly hinges, and it has become an inevitable trend. , Is of great significance to the hinge production industry.