Daily maintenance method of stainless steel hinge


Stainless steel hinge is a kind of hinge that is used m […]

Stainless steel hinge is a kind of hinge that is used more frequently because of its reasonable price and convenient use. When stainless steel encounters various corrosions, its protective ability is removed, oxidized, and rusted, which will cause stainless steel The function of the hinge is greatly reduced, so what maintenance methods should we pay attention to in the ordinary.
Stainless steel hinges must frequently clean and scrub the decorative stainless steel surface, remove attachments, and remove external factors that cause modification. When installing, hold the iron cup of the hinge and slowly close the hinge like closing the door. Remember to be slow. If you feel that this hinge is smooth without hindrance, even a few trials are smooth. Try to avoid damage to the stainless steel hinge during use.
In coastal areas, stainless steel hinges of higher grade materials should be used to resist seawater corrosion. Some stainless steel pipes on the market have chemical compositions that cannot meet the corresponding standards and cannot meet the requirements of stainless steel materials. Therefore, rust will also be caused. This requires users to choose more carefully. Credit the manufacturer’s products.