Stainless steel hinge installation knowledge


What should be paid attention to when installing stainl […]

What should be paid attention to when installing stainless steel hinges? The following stainless steel hinge manufacturers will tell you some relevant installation information.

1. When installing stainless steel hinges, the hinges of the corresponding load-bearing quality level should be selected according to the actual quality of the door leaf. The change value of the vertical position of the free end of the door leaf is not more than 1.5mm, and there is no deformation or damage. It can be opened or closed normally. .

2. The upper stainless steel hinge is subject to static load. The door needs to meet the rules and there must be no breaks after testing. The static load of the upper hinge for the window should meet the national regulations, and there should be no fracture after the experiment.

3. The turning force of the hinge shall not exceed 40N. Window hinges need to be opened and closed repeatedly 25,000 times, and door hinges need to be repeatedly opened and closed 100,000 times.