Hinge species


Common hinges: used in cabinet doors, windows, doors an […]

Common hinges: used in cabinet doors, windows, doors and so on. The material is iron, copper and stainless steel. Common hinges
The shortcoming is that it does not have the function of the spring hinge. After the installation of the hinge, all kinds of beads must be installed, otherwise the wind will blow the door.
Pipe hinge: also called a spring hinge. It is mainly used for the connection of the furniture door plate. It usually requires the thickness of 16~20 millimeter. It is made of galvanized iron and zinc alloy. The spring hinge is attached with the adjusting screw, which can adjust the height and thickness of the plate up and down. One of its features is to open the angle with the door of the cabinet according to the space. In addition to the general 90 degree angle, the corresponding hinges are matched for 127, 144 and 165 degrees, so that various cabinet doors have corresponding extensional degrees.
Gate hinge: it is also divided into common type and bearing type, which has been told in front of ordinary type. The bearing type can be divided into copper and stainless steel from the material. From the current consumption situation, the selection of copper bearing with more pages, because of its beautiful style, bright, moderate price, and equipped with screws.
Other hinges: Glass hinges, table hinges, and door pages. Glass hinge is used to install frameless glass door, requiring glass thickness not more than 5~6 millimeter.