How to choose sliding door pulley track?


1. Sliding door pulley Pulleys are very important parts […]

1. Sliding door pulley
Pulleys are very important parts in sliding doors. When buying, be sure to ask the merchant what materials are used. The current pulleys mainly include plastic pulleys, metal pulleys, and glass pulleys. The texture of the plastic pulley is relatively hard, but the disadvantage is that it is easy to break. After using for a period of time, the sliding door will feel astringent during the sliding process; the quality of the metal pulley is better. , But the noise is very loud; the glass pulley is one of the three best pulleys, with very good toughness and wear resistance, smooth sliding, durable, and more importantly, the pulley is also a key factor affecting the life of the sliding door.
2. Sliding door pulley track
The track is also a key part of the sliding door. Whether the design and manufacture of the track can be combined with the pulley is a method to measure the quality of the sliding door. This sliding door slides smoothly and has good shock absorption and noise resistance. When purchasing, it is also important to pay attention to whether the sliding door has a stop and track positioning system, so that the sliding door can be fixed, whether there is a door height adjustment device, and whether there is a glass anti-collision rubber strip is also very important.
3. sliding door pulley procurement summary
The choice of sliding rail material should be selected according to the texture of the doors and windows used. If the door or window is small and light, you can choose a smaller track. If the weight of the doors and windows is heavier, you should choose a thicker track to ensure safety and durability.