How to replace the sliding door pulley when it is broken?


1. How to replace the sliding door pulley when it is br […]

1. How to replace the sliding door pulley when it is broken
First, lift one end of the sliding door perpendicular to the ground with one hand, pass the lower part of the sliding door pulley with one hand, and lift the door and window pulley. Then lift one end of the sliding door from the rail and put it down. In the same way, lift the other end of the balcony sliding door off the track. Then hold both ends of the sliding door with both hands and lift it up. In the process, remind you to pay attention to safety and do what you can.
1. To remove the sliding door pulley, it is recommended to place the door flat on the ground first, and then observe the sliding door. Usually one end of the door frame has a top, and some are directly glued to the door frame, and some are glued to the door frame.
2. For the top part glued to the door frame, just pull the top part apart and pull it into the second screw hole. The screw hole at the bottom is the screw hole for fixing the door and window pulley screws, and the upper is the screw hole for fixing the aluminum alloy frame. Insert a 6mm hexagon wrench into the round hole.
3. At this time, you need to press the sliding door pulley with one hand, remove the screw with a tool, and then pull out the sliding door pulley, which means that the sliding door pulley is removed. The other pulleys for sliding doors and windows up and down are the same.
4. Push the upper pulley flatly into the gap between the nut and the inner wall of the door frame. In order to keep the upper pulley at a certain distance, a piece of cardboard is clamped between the upper edge of the door frame and the plane of the upper pulley. Then tighten the screws.
5. Install the upper pulley. Remove the cardboard.
6. Turn the sliding door over, stand up, insert the screw through the round hole at the bottom, and press the lower wheel with your hand to make the screw hole of the adjusting side perpendicular to the screw for easy screwing in. Tighten the screws with a 5 mm hex wrench.
7. After the screw is screwed into the adjustment box, it can be rotated five times. At this time, the upper and lower wheels on one side of the sliding door have been installed.
Let's talk about the solution to the fracture of sliding door pulley
First, the pulley is off track
If this happens, it will be directly inferred that the door frame slides on the track, which is very laborious and will damage the door frame. It is recommended to lift the door slightly to allow the pulley to return to the track.
Second, the pulley is damaged
This may be due to damage to the pulley. If this happens, it means that the door is too heavy, causing the pulley to be unable to withstand gravity, deforming, severely squeezed or damage to the pulley bearing, causing the wheel to jam and become unusable. At this time, the pulley needs to be replaced.
3. Deformation of the track
If the pulley is not damaged, the track may be deformed. Generally speaking, under the heavy pressure of external force, the crawler belt will be deformed, causing the pulleys to not slide normally, or there are debris inside the crawler belt, and the crawler belt needs to be repaired and cleaned in time.