How to choose the hinge of the hinge


   Hinges, cabinet parts of the most commonly used part […]

   Hinges, cabinet parts of the most commonly used parts, but also the most able to experience the quality of the cabinet part. The kitchen is a high frequency of living in the area, the number of cabinet doors opened, will be up to a few dry or even thousands of times, so the hinge is really important. Since a high quality hinge ensures that you enjoy a good quality of life, then you have to know "what is a good hinge."
In general, the hinge in addition to the cabinet and the door board accurately connected, but also to withstand the pressure from the door, and to keep the door is not deformed, or use a period of time after the door will be "crooked." Simply put, the hinge surface is generally very smooth, hand-slip, because the surface after rust treatment, and the hinges are made of stainless steel. So open the new cabinet door, you need to force to break open or close. Hinges are generally cushioned, even if the random switch, it will not damage the cabinet.
Since the hinges are so important, how do we buy the hinges?
1, see more glances.
To see whether the hinge looks roughly consistent, a lot of poor hinges here where the black yellow, it is electroplating instability, electroplating thin, so easy to rust, the real hinge should also be plated with a layer of copper. Tip: you can use the art of a knife to see whether to see the yellow copper layer, there is a more intuitive way, that is, look inside the hinge cup, the general hinge cup is concave, and here is the most difficult place to plating, if the cup Showing the same black or see the iron color, that the coating is very thin, and no copper, if the color of the cup with other parts of the brightness close to the words, OK,
2, Dora a few times.
Holding the hinge of the iron cup, slowly closed the door like a closed hinge, remember to be slow, if you feel this hinge is very smooth, no obstacles, even try a few are very smooth, then the hinge of the product in terms of Qualified. If you find the middle of a hindrance or sound, or even both, then you should be careful whether this hinge quality problems. After installing the door, a little hard down the pressure to see how the hinge of the force, if easy to sink, and more serious, it should be careful after the door will appear asymmetrical phenomenon.
3, try the next screw.
If the hinge of the screw is not good, the use will be frequently wrong, such as the tail screw sliding teeth, will make the door and the cabinet from. Usually you have to determine whether the screw can stand the test, you can take a screwdriver, try a few times the hinge of the adjustment screw and the hinge tail of the fastening screws to see if it is easy to slide teeth, if easy, then have to pay attention. Look at the screw thread is clear, generally poor screw work and materials are poor, thread messy.