How to identify the advantages and disadvantages of the curtain track?


   First, light When the window is turned on, the sever […]

   First, light When the window is turned on, the severity of the sound determines the pros and cons of the curtain track. High-quality curtains open less than 40 decibels, and poor quality products to open the sound and long life short.
   Second, pulley. Window rail pull the smooth, the strength of the slide and bearing capacity is very important to buy reference indicators. High-quality window rail pulley can withstand the large pull, in the case of load 5KG, pull thousands of times still smooth and smooth.
   Three, flat Modeling handsome, surface formation, the specification error is less than 0.15mm, no aging phenomenon occurs, the inner and outer walls are still smooth and smooth.
   Fourth, safe. The authority of the authority of the detection, only the impact of the product to withstand the degree of tensile strength, oxygen, elongation at break, heat resistance to the standard, be considered high quality window rail
   Fifth, high-quality track and pulley contact surface was point-to-point contact so the friction is less sound is small, smaller pulley jacket wear rubber ring, and poor quality made of ordinary raw plastic.