Roll gate selection skills


Safety       Security is the most basic function of the […]

      Security is the most basic function of the category. Most of the rolling gate as the width is relatively large, are using the ball bar lock. This kind of lock is simple and convenient, the price is cheap. But the safety is general. Easy to be destroyed. But the room was living. As the general movement of the door is relatively large. Also can choose this type of lock. If the nobody is like a high value room like a warehouse. Choosing the above lock is obviously not enough. So you should choose high-strength materials with anti-prying process of the volume gate.

      The biggest drawback of the traditional roll gate is the noise. Open the door of the piercing, the wind of the dynamic ring. Rushing loudly. Disturbing dreams. So if you have a living room. You should choose a door with a silencer.
      Before the opening brake station will bend over and unlock, and now improved, you can stand open.