How to choose the right hinge and use?


Do not ignore the inner door of the home. It is a loyal […]

Do not ignore the inner door of the home. It is a loyal guardian at home. In addition to the front door and door pockets, it is necessary to pay attention to hardware accessories. The hinges or hinges are often overlooked when selecting wooden doors. In fact, it is the core component of the wooden door to achieve the use of functions. A set of wooden doors is used well, and it will be seen soon.

Home wood doors generally have two types of hinges, one is a hinge, the other is a hinge. For wooden doors, the hinges are more stressed; and the use of ball bearings (spindles in the middle of the shaft) is used because it reduces the friction between the hinges of the two hinges, making the doors open smoothly and not "Rattle.

The wood hinges are used on the wooden door, because it is not very solid, the purpose of the design is for light doors, such as PVC doors, but also to reduce the process of making grooves (fitting hinges) on the door.

Hinge screws should also be stainless steel

Hinge material is stainless steel, pure copper, stainless iron, iron, stainless steel is recommended for home use, can keep the use of the door for a long time. Iron materials are not recommended. Although they are cheap, they are not good or bad. Rusting is very troublesome. Finding someone to replace a hinge is not only expensive but also troublesome. The screws used for the hinges should also be stainless steel screws. They cannot be replaced by other screws. The hinges of pure copper are suitable for luxurious wooden doors and are not suitable for general households due to price. The electroplating technology is very mature nowadays, stainless steel also has various colors appearance, can match different styles of wooden doors. Of course, it is best to take care of the appearance of drawing, and it is more environmentally friendly.