Application scenarios and purchases of common door and window hardware accessories


With the development of science and technology, materia […]

With the development of science and technology, materials for the construction industry are changing with each passing day. Each new type of material, door and window fittings are applied to the doors and windows of the building, and the window type has also been developed. Commonly used are casement windows, sliding windows, hanging windows, inner opening, inner window, flat window, and the various window types are suitable for the occasions, the accessories used are different. The purchase of door and window hardware accessories.
Sealant strip: It is widely used in doors and windows, whether it is the contact part of the door and window fan and the frame, or the contact part of the glass and the fan material. The sealing strip has the functions of shock absorption, elimination, sealing, sound insulation and dust prevention. Therefore, the use of sealing strips is indispensable. When purchasing, we can focus on the strength, resilience, stretchability, and surface gloss of the seal. At the same time, it can be tested whether it is also reflected by paint substances.
Hinge (sliding support): divided into flat open window sliding support, hanging window sliding support, and flat sliding window sliding support. The first two are similar in style, the opening angle is different from the force, and the flat sliding window is more special and rare. There is not much to introduce here. The sliding bracket is usually made of stainless steel 304, which is strict and even requires 316 material. Very few will have 201 material. As for copper, iron, aluminum alloy and the like, there will be no. When purchasing the sliding support, you can pay attention to the type, size, notch, and thickness of the sliding piece and the load bearing.
Hinge: This should be more we see. It is mostly used on the casement windows, as well as on the casement windows of the old houses. Nowadays, the high-rise outer casement window requires a sliding support. The aluminum alloy hinge has the characteristics of stronger bearing capacity, convenient disassembly and assembly, flexible opening and closing, etc. We can observe whether the surface of the hinge has scratches, burrs and other defects when purchasing, whether it is smooth and open when closed.