How to choose home improvement wooden door hardware


What are the decoration hardware? How to buy? It is the […]

What are the decoration hardware? How to buy? It is the trouble of many people. Renovation is a very complicated thing, from building materials, furniture, toiletries, small door locks, door hinges, door suctions, bath towel pendants, and rails. When purchasing hardware, be sure to choose a hinge with good sealing performance. Hardware costs about 3%-5% of home improvement costs, although the proportion is small, but can not be ignored.
Hardware is divided into general hardware and special hardware according to the function. Ordinary hardware is divided into locks, hinges, slide rails, handles, hanging wheels, nails, plate supports, door stoppers, clothes hooks, ball bumps, touch cards, and plate pins according to the setting method. Special hardware is divided into bathroom hardware and kitchen pendant according to the setting method.
(1) Locks
1, type
1 household door lock: It plays the role of insurance safety, so it is also called insurance lock or anti-theft lock.
2 bedroom lock: lock inside the insurance, the outside must be opened with a key, suitable for bedroom and balcony doors.
2, choose
Consumers should choose a copper core lock, but be aware that some lock cylinders are made of plastic, and only a copper-clad "copper core" lock is placed on the core. The copper-plated nickel and iron-plated nickel locks have almost the same appearance, but the price varies greatly. Generally, the whole copper lock is silent, the iron lock is not muted, the fine copper lock is fine, and the iron lock is rough. When the ball type lock is installed, if the eccentric core is not installed, it is easy to cause problems during use. There is now a backhand lock, which can be locked by lifting the handle, which is very convenient, but it is easy to lock the key inside the house.
Now, the fastest selling is the lock, the ball lock is out of date, and generally not used. Relatively speaking, when turning the lock, the smaller the sound, the better, the handle turns a little, the lock tongue should follow up a little. In terms of the shape of the key, the "pit" key lock is more secure than the "dental" key lock, but the "pit" key must be lost to the original factory. The more the square head tongue of the lock, the better the safety.