What is the installation method for the sliding window pulley?


First, the material requirements 1, plastic steel windo […]

First, the material requirements
1, plastic steel window frame, fan
According to the design requirements, different product series are selected, and the surface of the product is not allowed to have traces of stains and bumps.
2, accessories
Stainless steel screws, pulley blocks, locks, nylon brushes, etc.
3, other
Connector, rubber strip, padding, plastic tape, glass glue, wooden wedge, etc.
4, glass
Hollow white flat glass.
Second, construction tools
Aluminum level, nail gun, electric drill, rubber cylinder, glass suction hand, tamper and so on.
Third, the construction points
1. The installation position of plastic steel window should be regular, square and firm, and there should be no warping, cornering and loosening.
2. For the windows and fans that have entered the market, they should be stacked neatly according to different specifications and types, and the bottom layer should be padded. At the same time, protective measures should be taken to prevent deformation caused by being crushed or collided during storage.
3. Before the installation of the plastic steel window frame, in addition to the side of the ash, the other three sides need to be wrapped with plastic adhesive paper to prevent contamination.
4. The size of the hole for installing the plastic steel window frame should be correct. The gap between the upper and lower frames should be 15~18mm, and the thickness of the ash should be 20~30mm on both sides.
5. When installing the plastic steel window sash, the hardware accessories selected must be matched. It is necessary to make the window open and close after installation.
6. Sealing strips should be installed around the window sash and the metal frame materials should not be in direct contact with each other.
7. Pay attention to the protection of the finished product. The window frame after installation must strictly avoid the displacement and damage caused by the collision of the car and the collision of objects.