Installation and adjustment method of door hinge


Insert the hinge into the base, and then gently press t […]

Insert the hinge into the base, and then gently press the hinge arm with your fingertips. At the same time, you can hear a "click", indicating that the hinge arm is safely hooked on the hinge base through five fulcrums. In principle, the quick assembly process is completed in a cross sequence from top to bottom, and the uppermost hinge bears all the weight of the door.
The disassembly process is just the opposite, which is carried out from bottom to top. The hinge can be removed by lightly pressing the spring sliding bolt hidden in the hinge arm for safety. Using the same procedure, remove the hinged arm from the base so that the door can be moved away from the front.
The hinge base is generally equipped with eccentric plastic bolts and asymmetric screws, which can adjust the height and depth of the cabinet door.
Door coverage distance adjustment: Turn the screw to the right to make the door cover distance smaller (-); turn the screw to the left to make the door cover distance larger (+).
Depth adjustment: direct and continuous adjustment by eccentric screw.
Height adjustment: The height can be adjusted precisely through the height-adjustable hinged base.