How to choose a bathroom cabinet hinge


In the process of frequent opening and closing of bathr […]

In the process of frequent opening and closing of bathroom cabinet doors, the most tested is the bathroom cabinet hinge. In addition to the accuracy of the bathroom cabinet arrangement and the weight of the bathroom cabinet door itself, the choice of hinge is very important. The choice of hinge is for many users. It is a blind spot. The editor of this article introduces the selection method of bathroom cabinet door hinges from three aspects.
1. Material and quality
Material and quality are a focus of everyone’s attention. There are many types of hinges, but at present, the better one is the cushion hydraulic hinge. This kind of hinge opens and closes smoothly and softly. When buying, you can look, feel, and try three aspects. To judge the quality of the hinge. Look: Look at the lines and surface treatments, only competent manufacturers can achieve meticulousness; Feel: whether the closing speed is uniform, and whether there is a feeling of stuck; Try: the salt spray test can show its anti-rust ability
Second, look at the card slot
Generally speaking, hinges are divided into two-point card position and three-point card position. The three-point card position is better. It can stay at any angle when it is opened. It will not be difficult to open or close suddenly. So as to ensure the safety of use, this is especially important for the lift-up wall cabinet door.
Three, look at the angle
Generally speaking, the hinge opening angle is divided into 90 degrees, 100 degrees, 110 degrees, 180 degrees, 270 degrees, etc.; according to the needs of the cabinet assembly, it is divided into full cover (straight board) half cover (small bend) and no cover (large). Curved or embedded). When choosing a hinge, it is necessary to understand the characteristics of these hinges, so as not to buy back inappropriate hinges.