Installation method of electric roll gate


   Many friends want to learn more intuitive electric r […]

   Many friends want to learn more intuitive electric roll gate installation steps, we should request, the company specially produced video for everyone to explore each other. Of course, some skills also need to usually in the actual operation of their own to explore.
   The following is a brief introduction to the advantages of electric roll gate.
1, installation and maintenance simple: maintenance-free design, easy to install.
2, reliability: professional, automated manufacturing production, all accessories are strict control of the standard.
3, high safety performance: the door closed, the obstacles encountered, the natural reversal rise; door open, hit the block, naturally stop running.
   4, user-friendly design: door lock installation of human design in the height of the lock with people standing upright parallel to the waist, easy to lock. Compared with the old roll gate, eliminating the cold winter and hot summer bending lock roll gate trouble.
   5, silent design: open, close the low noise, will not produce high decibel noise. Because both sides of the door are equipped with a special treatment of the muffler belt, and equipped with silencer channel, in line with environmental requirements.
   6, manual electric easy conversion: a special clutch device, similar to the car clutch, manual, electric easy conversion, power off when ordinary girls can open the volume gate 3 seconds.
Scope: Roll gate is widely used in ordinary pavement, hotels, banks, shopping malls, factories and parking garage, aluminum is the best alternative to the door.