Kitchen glass sliding doors of the purchase skills


   The kitchen door as a barrier to frying the kitchen […]

   The kitchen door as a barrier to frying the kitchen fumes is gaining more and more attention. At the same time, because the glass sliding door itself has a moisture-proof, anti-corrosion and other advantages, and sliding doors of the transparent glass design, both to maintain the overall sense of space, but also to meet the kitchen and living room separation needs, is the so-called double play, so often Used in indoor kitchen and other more humid places. But the purchase of the kitchen sliding door is not practical light can be, but also beautiful and generous, it is best to let the kitchen and kitchen outside the home space natural transition, in line with the overall style of decoration. Now on their own in the purchase of glass sliding doors learned knowledge to summarize the following points to help you buy to the quality of sliding doors.
Buy a knowledge: listen to the pulley sound
Sliding doors were on the next two groups of pulleys, on the pulley from the guiding role, because it is installed in the track, the consumer often do not pay attention when buying. In fact, a good upper pulley structure is relatively complex, not only within the bearing, but also the aluminum block will be fixed two rounds, so that smooth positioning smooth, almost no noise. In addition,had thought that sliding doors sliding in the slide when the more light the better, but  in a call to buy a door and window stores to buy sliding doors, the boss told me, in fact, sliding You can feel a certain weight, push and pull smooth and no vibration, this is the use of high-quality sliding doors effect. He also brought me to experience the next, and sure enough high-quality sliding door sliding up is very smooth.
Buy knowledge two: see profile section
The sliding doors of the market are divided into two kinds of pure aluminum and aluminum. High-quality sliding doors made of pure aluminum aluminum, toughness has a great advantage, and the thickness can reach 1.0mm or more, while the lower quality profiles for the recycled aluminum, tenacity and the use of the number of reduced The  began to understand these things do not, or send  door and window store owner introduced, and he also took out the profile of the doors and windows to send me to study, tell the truth, feels really more than ordinary sliding door profiles To be thicker, still very texture. And in the sliding door when the manufacturers will spray paint on the surface primer, so its internal profile is how to judge, so the purchase should allow businesses to display the product profile section to understand the real material.
Buy knowledge three: pick the track height
The rationality of the design of the ground track directly affect the use of the product comfort and service life, therefore, the purchase should choose a good foot feeling, and conducive to clean health style, at the same time, for the safety of the elderly and children at home, More than 5mm as well.
Buy knowledge four: election safety glass
A large part of the sliding doors are glass, so the quality of the glass directly determine the price of the door level. Be sure to use safety glass. The best choice with tempered glass, broken will not hurt, high safety factor. In addition, the appearance of the glass should be transparent and bright, no obvious impurities. As mentioned above, the glass is a car-grade all-steel float glass, not only the safety factor is high, and the float glass is much better than the flat plate in terms of heat insulation, light transmission and visual deformation glass.