Spring hinge


   It is mainly used for cabinet door and wardrobe door […]

   It is mainly used for cabinet door and wardrobe door. It is generally required that the thickness of the board is 18 - 20mm. From the material, can be divided into: galvanized iron, zinc alloy.   From the performance, can be divided into: need to hole, do not need to hole two kinds. No holes are what we call bridge hinges. Bridge hinge looks like a bridge, so it is commonly known as bridge hinge. It is not need to drill holes in the door, but without limitation of style. Specifications are: small, medium, large. Holes are needed, such as spring hinges commonly used on cabinet doors. It features: the door must have holes, the door is limited by the hinge, the door will not be closed after the wind blowing, do not need to install a variety of spider touch. Specifications are: &26, &35. The detachable directional hinge and not detachable non directional hinge points. Dragon rise hinge 303 series is detachable directional hinge, and the 204 series is not detachable from the spring hinge shape can be divided into: the cover (or straight arm, straight and curved) half cover (or crank arm, in the medial (or bending), greater curvature of Daqu) hinge attached to the adjusting screw can be above left and right adjustment plate height, thickness, hole distance of the two screw fixing hole is 32mm, the diameter of plate edge and distance on both sides of 4mm. In addition, the spring hinge has a variety of special specifications, such as: inner 45 degree angle hinge, outer 135 degree angle hinge, open 175 degree angle hinge.
A right angled (straight arm), half bent (semi curved), greater curvature (Daqu) difference between the three kind of hinge:
The right angle hinge allows the door to completely block the side plate;
The semi curved hinge allows the door panel to block the side panels;
The greater curvature of the hinge can make door and side plate;