The key to the pulley door - pulley


   In fact, the earliest sliding door, indeed more used […]

   In fact, the earliest sliding door, indeed more used in the closet door, for the bedroom or changing room. However, with the development of technology and the increasingly diversified means of decoration, the functions and use of sliding doors are expanding from the traditional plate surface to glass, cloth, bamboo, from sliding doors, folding doors to partition doors. Today we are talking about one of the soul of the sliding door pulley.
  The ability of the pulley to slide the sliding door is a source of power to support its normal operation. At present, the pulley on the market are made of plastic pulley, metal pulley and glass fiber pulley 3 kinds. Plastic pulley hard, but easily broken, the use of time will be astringent, hardened, can not slide; metal pulley strength, but in contact with the track noise; glass fiber toughness, wear resistance, smooth sliding , durable.
   How to make it able to use the long, with good? We need our maintenance. 1. Sliding parts of the clean, every six months or so point or two drops of lubricant can be maintained smooth; 2. Track clean, clean orbit will greatly extend the service life of the pulley, then we should always clean the debris in the track, especially Is a hard object. Pay attention to these two good cleaning, the pulley life expectancy increases, the life of the pulley door also will grow.