What are the hardware accessories of the wardrobe


Hardware accessories are small, but they play an import […]

Hardware accessories are small, but they play an important role. So when we choose wardrobes, we should not only pay attention to the board and style of wardrobe, but we must not ignore the selection of hardware fittings such as guideway, pulley and hinges. So what is the wardrobe hardware, how to select the wardrobe hardware, the website below to give you a detailed introduction.
Hardware accessories of the wardrobe
The hardware fittings of the wardrobe include slideways, pulleys, hinges, handlers, and hanger rods.
The closet sliding door and drawer guide rail is a groove or ridge made of metal or other materials that can withstand, fixed, guide and reduce a wardrobe sliding door device of friction. The longitudinal grooves or ridges on the surface of the guide are used to guide and fix the pulleys. It has a higher load bearing capacity and can slide easily in high load conditions. Besides, the guideway of drawer is mainly installed on both sides of ordinary guide rail and hidden guide mounted on the bottom of drawer. In general, hidden guide way will be considered more beautiful.
The guide affects the quality of the actual use of the work: good guide, the sliding door (drawer) mobile (pull) without much effort, and the sound of small feel smooth, and the guide of poor quality may be produced, the phenomenon of jumping rail derailment.
The pulley and the guide rail are the core technical parts of the push and pull door. A roller is roughly divided into two parts, one is bearing and the other is a bearing outsourced layer. The quality of the bearing on the durability of the sliding door play a key role.
When the website recommends consumers to choose and buy, it should be tested on the spot to see if it is easy, smooth, flexible and mute.
There are many styles of hand pulling, from material to full copper, all stainless steel, alloy, electroplating is poor, plastic is on the verge of elimination.
Suggestion: two kinds of screws and stickies are used to fix the hands. They are fixed with screws, and the rubber year is not practical. All stainless steel hand and degree stainless steel hand appearance is similar, use magnets to try out.
Hanger rod
The clothes hanger with rubber strip can play a role in silencing, and some regular manufacturers also add reinforcing bars in it, not only to enhance gravity, but also to show the humanization of the mature wardrobe brand.
Suggestion: when we choose to buy, we should first touch the thickness of the hanging pole, and see whether the glue bar at both ends is strong enough. How can we have the product manual to see whether there is reinforcing bar in the hanging rod, so that the maximum bearing capacity can be guaranteed.